Welcome to Myoukou/Akakura Hot Spa Oyado Furuya

Hot Springs

The「tatami-buro (tatami bath) 」that is paved with Japanese traditional tatamis is very rare in Japan.
You can relax in a big bathtub with
a feeling of tatamis. The sightly outdoor bathtub commands a fine
view of Mt. Myoko. The outdoor bathtub of the 「ishi-no-yu(stony- bathroom)」 is finished with Japanese traditional lacquer techniques and offers a full taste of the Japanese culture.



The Guest rooms command a magnificent view of Myoko
Mountains and customers can enjoy the seasonal landscapes.
We recommend customers to have a quiet time in the Japanese
room characterized by warmth of woods to feel Japanese
[Zen] world.



All our proud homemade dishes are cooked deliberately using mainly local ingredients.
You can enjoy our original dishes including edible wild plants and mushrooms as well as fresh products of the Japan Sea.



The Guest rooms command
a magnificent view of Myoko
Mountains. In addition, all of
them are filled with tender
light and warm atmosphere
that are brought by homemade
lightings. All the guest
rooms have an original scroll
picture made by the
waka-okami (young proprietress)
and each room has a
different one.



●By train (7 mins away by taxi and 15 mins away by bus from Myoko-Kogen station)
From Tokyo … About 2 hrs 10 mins via Nagano
(Via the Nagano Shinkansen line and taking a limited or rapid train)
From Nagoya … About 3 hrs 35 mins via Nagano (Via Chuo Line and taking a limited or rapid train)
From Osaka … About 4 hrs 35 mins via Naoetsu (Via Hokuriku Line and Shin-etsu Main Line)

●By car (A 7-minute drive from Myoko-Kogen Interchange)
From Tokyo … About 2 hrs 40 mins (Via Kan-etsu and Joshin-etsu Expressway)
From Nagoya … About 4 hrs (Via Chuo, Nagano and Joshin-etsu Expressway)

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